In 1978, Everett Collier (left) hired David Ostrom (right) as a laborer. By 1980, they were partners.

What has allowed the two men to succeed through the years—a time period that includes more than a few serious economic downturns—is their ability to deliver exceptional personal attention to their clients.

“Our clientele are high-end homeowners,” Collier says. “They like somebody on the job and would prefer it be David or me.”

That level of attention requires the men to be creative with the way they divide responsibilities. “It’s a mish-mash,” Collier says. “There’s no real hard rule.”

Primarily, Collier handles estimating and produces large jobs such as major additions and commercial work. Ostrom is on the jobsite all the time, handling smaller jobs. He also takes care of the accounting, bookkeeping, and job costing.

Because of that division and a reliance on the convenience of modern technology, Collier/Ostrom Enterprises requires no office help, which reduces overhead. By working together, Collier and Ostrom can deliver the hand-holding attention their clients demand, and they have done so for 20 years.