Marty Schirber (front, left) is the oldest of 16 children. “That has everything to do with what I am,” the Minneapolis-based remodeler says. His father owned a number of rental properties, and one of Schirber’s chores was to maintain those properties. “Mom and Dad were the customers,” he says.

“My brothers and sisters were the work crew.”

From that beginning, Schirber developed a simple business model that is natural for a person with 15 siblings. He treats clients and employees like family.

Just listen to him: “More than anything, my employees save my bacon every day.” Or “The relationships I have with customers get me out of bed in the morning.”

Castle Building and Remodeling used to do 40 to 50 jobs at a time. Now the firm handles only 5, allowing Schirber to deliver hands-on service.

That approach carries over to his NARI involvement, which stretches back to when the chapter began in Minneapolis in 1978. “I wasn’t at the first meeting,” Schirber says. “But I was at the second.” Since then, he has served as chapter president, regional vice president, and probably every office in between.

After siblings, employees, and customers, that makes NARI his fourth family. What’s one more?