When Tom Geoffroy (second from left) joined Mike Cosley (third from left) at American Craftsmen Renovation five years ago, the new partners were ready to build an even stronger company. Cosley wanted to expand the business he started and thought Geoffroy’s MBA and corporate experience made him a good match. “That’s what we needed to get the company from dog-and-truck construction to an organization with systems,” Cosley says.

The two met at an Air Force academy prep school 22 years ago. Within a year after pairing up, they created a business plan to add insurance restoration to the remodeling services for an even workflow in all seasons. “When remodeling is in a down cycle, insurance repair work is still going strong,” Cosley says. “We’re approaching the same level of volume year-round,” adds Geoffroy.

The company is divided into four departments: remodeling, restoration, emergency services, and carpet cleaning. Geoffroy says the key to the expansion was having two people who have owner interest to handle the divisions. Mike “has the technical construction knowledge and I bring in the business and infrastructure side. Over the years, we’ve cross-fertilized,” he explains.