After unveiling the 16 gorgeous winners of this year's Remodeling Design Awards, we asked you to tell us which one you would have given the top prize, so it seems only fair to ask ourselves the same question. Here, see which of the projects Remodeling staff members call their favorite and why--and don't forget to vote in our reader's choice poll before it closes on Monday, Sept. 26!

Dror Baldinger

Craig Webb, editor-in-chief: House 334. I think it’s a handsome place with lots of ideas that other remodelers should consider borrowing for their own jobs. Even when expanded to 2,000 square feet, the house still takes up a much smaller footprint on the lot than do its neighbors. It’s sited to take advantage of breeze patterns and invite indoor-outdoor living and takes advantage of natural elements, such as the big trees that provide a natural curtain to the upstairs bedroom window.

Laura McNulty, managing editor: Bridge House. The bridge on the upper level is such a unique and striking solution to a design problem; what’s even more impressive is that it looks natural and elegant, rather than contrived. I also love how the renovation respects the home’s historic details and incorporates some of the original materials along with the modern touches. The approach creates a nice sense of balance.

Bruce Damonte

Ryan McKeever, graphic designer: Tamalpais Residence. The way the stark geometry of the house’s exterior juxtaposes the organic environment around it makes for a beautiful pairing. Plentiful windows throughout the house means you don’t lose the natural environment even when indoors, which also helps to make the space feel more open. Plus, look at that floor to ceiling bookshelf.

Beth Singer

Curtis Sprung, assistant editor: Clinton Township Stair. It’s just such a unique project, and one of the smaller spaces submitted this year. Not only does the surrounding wine room look impeccable, the stairs add an almost medieval feel. I bet the owner feels like they’re in their own private castle when walking down these stairs, and that’s definitely deserving of an award.

Dror Baldinger

Marisa Mendez, editorial intern: House 334. I love the openness of the rooms and the natural light that floods each of them. I also like the juxtaposition of the angular home and the twisty trees (which are all over San Antonio). The deck on top of the garage is a really unique use of space; I want one at my place!

Helena Okolicsanyi, content producer: Bridge House. The designers came up with a creative solution, a bridge inside the house, to connect an unused attic and a floor together. It’s not something you see every day in remodeling, and I think it showcases McElroy Architecture’s ability to go above and beyond (literally) in order to achieve their client’s desire for an open floor plan while still maintaining the historic aesthetic of the home.

Erin Ansley, contributing editor: Jacobson Residence. I love the fusion of two spaces we don’t often see tied together. The telescoping door and the adjacent floating marble bench create a dramatic effect only matched by the breathtaking scenery beyond. And it can be appreciated by just about any angle. Relaxation, entertainment and romance. This luxurious suite has it all.