Business Longevity, Full-Service Remodeling
Gruver Cooley, Purcellville, Va.
550 Rank: #94

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Founded in 1908, Gruver Cooley’s, secret to long-term success in its competitive market can be boiled down to two keys: adjusting to market changes and combining the strengths of different generations. The company started out building row homes in downtown DC, went to the suburbs for single-family and custom jobs, then moved into remodeling as space for new construction decreased, says Jill Gruver, COO and wife of firm president Chip Gruver. “We were following the demand.”

Now the company is expanding its interior design services as Jill and Chip’s daughter Cathleen, who holds a master’s degree in interior design, enters the business. “It’s helpful to have a designer who works with [clients] from day one, so it’s really a comprehensive approach,” says Gruver. It’s just the latest example of Gruver Cooley blending fresh ideas with experienced leadership, which Gruver says strengthens the team’s edge. One lesson that's consistently passed down is the company’s core values: quality, craftsmanship, and integrity, Gruver says. “We take a lot of pride in that.”