Year-over-Year Growth, Full Service Remodeling
ConSpec Building Systems, Pasadena, Calif.
550 Rank: #270

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From 2014 to 2015, ConSpec Building Systems, No. 270 on the 2016 Remodeling 550, more than doubled its annual remodeling revenue to $1.25 million. According to owner Roger Krost, the secret is longevity in the field. “The longer and more consistently you deliver a product, the more successful you become,” says Krost.

Operating for 25 years, ConSpec has maintained that consistency by going above and beyond for each client, once researching how to remove a beached whale that washed ashore while working on a nearby home. “For the right kind of client, we’ll do anything,” Krost says. “We’ll walk your dogs and remodel your house.”

Though Krost also credits the addition of a new lead carpenter with contributing to the company’s success, he keeps his operation lean, forgoing any office staff and completing most of that work himself. “I’m not paying for anything that’s not making me money in return. I consider support staff to be superfluous sometimes.”

Having doubled his revenue in one year, Krost is targeting a similar number for 2016, taking his time to adjust to the new volume and figuring out where he can take ConSpec in the future. “I’m trying to discover my comfort level,” he says. “I’m trying to experiment with how much control I need to exert for that quality product.”