Top Revenue, Full-Service Remodeling
Pacific Homeworks, Torrance, Calif.
550 Rank: #1

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Twenty-three years ago, while standing in a parking lot, Marcus Mac’s life was forever changed: He had been working for a wedding DJ company when he was recruited by a remodeling firm and never looked back.

“I had been a DJ for a long time, and what I found was that I enjoyed the selling process,” says Mac, who later ventured out on his own and founded Pacific Homeworks, the No. 1 Full Service remodeler, in Gardena, Calif. “In 1992, I was selling full DJ light packages for $5,000 apiece. That was a lot of money back then. I liked that part better than playing the chicken dance.”

Since its inception in 2000, Pacific Homeworks has grown to 200 employees with five locations and a headquarters in Torrance, Calif. Mac attributes this success to his focus on recruitment and training.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence then that he takes a similar approach to hiring as those who first found him years before. Mac is known to scout out talent in some of the most unlikely of places, including recruiting a door manager for the building where he houses one of his three businesses. “We never focus on the money or revenue first,” Mac says. “We focus on the people, processes, and the numbers.”