The average backyard renovation costs roughly $20,000, according to those who professional landscape designer Carson Arthur spoke with. Homeowners are often surprised that the labor and wood involved in backyard renovations can cost more than the plants in the garden. To help guide your clients to a backyard worth bragging about, here are some tips from Arthur.

  1. Make sure your clients can envision the end result of their renovation based on their budget.
  2. Encourage your clients to update their front yard for added curb appeal, which according to Remodeling’s annual Cost vs. Value report, is an excellent way to get a return on investment for a remodeling project.
  3. Be sure your clients not only have a pretty backyard, but also one that is functional. “Good design can offset the shortfalls from the inside of the home with outdoor elements that meet the same need, “ Arthur says. “For example, if a home has a small kitchen, adding an outdoor version with a barbecue or a smoker is a smart investment because it partially address buyers' concern when they see the inside space.”
  4. Clients should know the return on their investment by looking at Remodeling's 2016 Cost vs. Value report. A simple wood deck, according to this report, has a return of 81%. Be sure your clients know the best way to update their home.
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