The remodeling industry has evolved since the first year that Remodeling Magazine put out its first Cost vs. Value report. Trends, just like in fashion, go in and out of style. What was once popular 30 years ago is likely not so popular in 2016. Rosie Romero of the Casa Grande Dispatch, looks at the popular trends from an 1987 cost vs. value report, comparing that report to the 2016 cost vs. value report.

Romero’s first takeaway is that adding a fireplace was common practice in 1987 as not every home had one. At the time a fireplace was the best investment for a home, adding as much as $4,600 to the price of a house for an average project cost of $3,350.

Second, adding a full bath addition in 1987 paid off with $10,000 in resale value. To accomplish this, Remodeling Magazine suggested using all, or part of, a closet or a corner of a room. At the time, this cut down on costs.

What other remodeling trends were popular in the 80s? A greenhouse addition, a major kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel. Many of these trends are still prevalent today; however, the biggest takeaway from 2016’s Cost vs. Value report was that attic fiber-glass insulation and investing in exteriors gave homeowners the biggest resale value on their home.

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