Harvard's Joint Center for Housing studies found that, as of 2014, 83,000 remodeling firms with payroll were operating in the United States. That means that our total number of Remodeling Big50 members make up less than 2% of all remodelers in the country. This elite group represents everything we love about the industry: resilience during times of struggle, innovation in remodeling techniques, exemplary customer service, and of course, high quality work.

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the Big50, bringing the total number of winners to 1,500. Below, you'll find a map of the United States showing where this year's Big50 class are located.

We've been adding to the Big50 database since its inception, and there's been a lot of winners. The state with the most Big50 winners over the years is California, home to 140 Big50 members. Maryland comes in second, containing 88 winners, with Pennsylvania a close third with 79.

Wyoming is the only state that has yet to host a Big50 winner. Yes, we've even had three winners from Alaska and seven from Hawaii. Could next year be the year a remodeler from Wyoming joins this coveted list?

Click here to see the Big50 class of 2016. And if you're interested in previous year's winners, at the top of the page is a scroll wheel that will let you go back to the 1998 Big50 class.

If you think you're Big50 material, and you haven't yet been selected as a winner, keep an eye on the Remodeling newsletter around December. That's when we'll launch the 2017 Big50 survey.