This year's Big50 class is full of remodelers who know how not only to run their businesses but also know how to grow their businesses. Co-author of the Big50 feature, Gary Thill, found these five tips from the Big50 about growing your business.

  1. Market the Old-Fashioned Way - While social media is a fast and easy way to market your company, using methods such as newspaper and magazine advertising can help you get business as well.
  2. Serve Others - Getting involved in your community shows you care and people will remember your company's name because of it.
  3. Be the Next Dear Abby - Some of the Big50 have found success in giving weekly advice segments on the radio or writing advice columns for the newspapers. Giving great advice could help you generate leads.
  4. Be a Neighbor - Put a sign in the front of the home you're working on so the neighbors know who you are. Showing the neighbors how curteous, clean, and thoughtful your company is could encourage the neighbors to hire you for their next remodel.
  5. Take Your Service to the Next Level - Give clients a handwritten note of thanks, send them birthday cards, or drop in after the remodel to make sure that your work is holding up. Going the extra mile can go a long way for generating leads.
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