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The Measure of a Man: Using Personality Profiling When Hiring The Measure of a Man: Using Personality Profiling When Hiring

Using a personality profile, such as Caliper, to evaluate job candidates can prevent costly hiring mistakes. Read more

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In Remodeling "Town Hall," Remodelers Share Challenges

How do you control costs in a down market, or when job costs run over budget? What's the hardest part about growing your company? How do you motivate production staff? What's your opinion of cost-plus pricing? In a "town hall meeting" for remodelers, the owners of three successful but very different remodeling companies answered these and other questions from a capacity crowd of hundreds of attendees of the 2007 Remodeling Show in Las Vegas. Read more

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Strong Show Strong Show

For four days in October, more than 10,000 remodelers headed to the 2006 Remodeling Show in Chicago, where they attended seminars and clinics, networked with peers, and checked out hundreds of companies displaying their products on the showroom floor. Read more

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The Association Junkie The Association Junkie

Through his efforts at teaching and writing and updating course materials, this year's Lifetime Achievement Award winner, MM “Mike” Weiss has helped raise the level of professionalism in the remodeling industry. Read more

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How to manage customer backlogs

With half the 120 million homes nationwide having been built before the bicentennial, new-home prices spiking, and built-up equity burning holes in homeowners' pockets, most remodelers have more work than they can handle. Some sit on 18-month-plus backlogs and mentally salivate as they watch their slice of the remodeling market's $199 billion pie fatten. Read more

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