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Design Awards 2005

The winners of this year's REMODELING Design Awards showcase the best in residential and light commercial remodeling. From a beach house to a contemporary addition to an urban in-fill, these projects highlight the work of talented design and construction teams. Read more

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Work as a voyage of personal discovery Work as a voyage of personal discovery

Several years ago, after almost 20 years in business, I had begun to actualize a planned succession strategy. In doing so, my day-to-day role changed. An unanticipated result of these changes was an eroding of the passion I had for my work. I couldn't understand how this had happened; this is, after all, just what I said I wanted. Read more

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New employee trial periods

We have a 30-day, “see if there is a fit” period. During that month, both the company and the employee take the time to make sure expectations are being met. Read more

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Calculating a Lead's Management Hours

To help solve the problem, Larson and his team developed a method to determine management hours for his five leads, called project managers. Using the formula, Larson has found that project management can take as much as 30% of a lead's time. The calculations help Architectural Building Arts get within 10% to 15% of true hours; without the formula, estimates were lucky to get within half the true hours needed. Read more

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Renaissance Design Competition 2002: Honorable Mentions Renaissance Design Competition 2002: Honorable Mentions

The town of Jamestown, R.I., had been suffering from what the local planning board calls "aggrandizement," that is, residents buying small houses and remodeling them to the tune of homes double or triple the size of the original. Category: Whole-house remodeling, $100,000 to $250,000 Location: Jamestown, R.I. Contractor: Walter Pilz, Darlington Home Builders, Providence, R.I. Designer: James Estes, Estes/Twombly Architects, Newport, R.I. Commercial Remodeling Read more

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