Steve Constable

Steve Constable is a experienced residential remodeling expert who lives in Chicago, IL and operates his own home remodeling company called Kitchen Remodeling Chicago. He is also an alumni of Indiana University Bloomington and enjoys writing remodeling business trade articles in his spare time to better educate business owners such as himself.

Steve Constable's Posts

Feeling Stressed? Get Organized to Find a Reprieve Feeling Stressed? Get Organized to Find a Reprieve

It's hard for you, and your business, to thrive without systems in place. Here's how to make 2017 your smoothest year yet. Read more

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When Running a Remodeling Company, Prepare for the Unexpected

Three key areas to focus on to keep your business running smoothly, even with a few bumps in the road Read more

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How to Ace the In-Home Sales Call

Follow these straightforward tips to establish a professional process that will make sales visits a breeze Read more

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