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Producting a successful newsletter

A quality newsletter, sent regularly, is one of the best ways to present yourself as a trusted professional. It helps you develop and maintain relationships, say thanks for referrals, make announcements, publish testimonials, and notify clients of home tours. Three elements make a successful newsletter: Read more

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Selecting an advertising vehicle

Choosing a print advertising vehicle has everything to do with your target market, your product, and your budget. Read more

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Tips for effective communication

Effective communication is your single best means of getting referrals and repeat business. These five common courtesies are easy and will gain you priceless good will: Read more

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Newsletter can capture clients

Marketing experts believe it costs six to seven times as much to make a sale to a new client as it does to an existing client. Newsletters communicate effectively with past, current, and prospective clients and reinforce a remodeler's brand. Read more

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Preparing a press release

There's a general assumption that getting your company mentioned in the local paper is free publicity. Yes, it's publicity ó but it ain't free In fact, if done poorly, it can be a most costly experiment in futility. Read more

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