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Luxe Laminates Luxe Laminates

Laminate may be one of the least-expensivecountertop materials available, but it can be a great way to add a little pizzazz at a low cost. Laminates can also be a good cost-efficient choice for those who like to change out their countertops and other surfaces frequently, according to Wilsonart's public relations coordinator, Brenda White. Read more

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Convection Ovens Save Time Convection Ovens Save Time

Convection ovens typically reduce the temperature and/or time required to cook or bake food. Food cooks approximately 25% to 30% more quickly in a convection oven, according to experts. When roasting meats, convection ovens quickly begin crisping the outer surface, sealing in moisture and reducing overall cook time. Read more

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Decking: Vinyl and Composite Railings Expected to Continue to Expand Decking: Vinyl and Composite Railings Expected to Continue to Expand

Industry experts predict that both the vinyl and composite railing categories will continue to expand, each feeding off the success of the other. Read more

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On Board On Board

Gypsum wallboard manufacturers are starting to offer more mold-resistant products. Read more

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Double Bubble Double Bubble

Combination whirlpool and air-massage tubs deliver double the benefits of hydrotherapy. Read more

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