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In Focus: Elegant Garage Doors & Openers In Focus: Elegant Garage Doors & Openers

Homeowners are looking for elegant openings that update the fronts of their houses. Read more

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EPA Announces 2004 Energy Star Partners of the Year

The United States Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program and the Department of Energy have named the Energy Star 2004 Partners of the Year for Excellence in Efficient Products. Lennox Industries, Sea Gull Lighting, Whirlpool Corp., Good Earth Lighting, and Gorell Windows and Doors were the five building products manufacturers named, along with after-market manufacturers GE Consumer Products and Sylvania. Read more

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ODL Rolls Out Franchise Program

Door glass and decorative window manufacturer ODL is rolling out a national franchise program that will allow remodelers and other independent entrepreneurs to tap into their local markets for upgrading existing steel and fiberglass entry doors by providing on-site door glass installations. Called Entry-Point Door Transformations, the program trains installers in the use of equipment, provides marketing and advertising materials, and supplies a fully mobile workshop housed in a trailer. Read more

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Granite Countertops Becoming An Affordable Upgrade

With all the countertop options available these days, you might think that granite has receded into the background in all but high-end kitchens. Because granite is becoming so much more widely known, a lot of people have moved into this industry. Read more

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