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Tough Times, Flexible Tactics: Tips for Selling in a Down Economy Tough Times, Flexible Tactics: Tips for Selling in a Down Economy

Leads are fewer and jobs smaller. You need to go farther and work harder to sell a job. To get that signed contract. Here's how to adjust your sales process to the current economy. Read more

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Back to Sales: Q&A With Sales Guru Phil Rea

Why is it that selling is not most full-service remodelers' strong suit? Read more

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Atrium Launches "Training Tuesdays" for Remodelers

To provide a proactive solution for the challenging construction market and a value-added service for remodelers and building industry professionals, Atrium Companies, Inc., manufacturer of Atrium Windows and Doors-branded products, announced today that it will launch "Training Tuesdays," a series of complimentary Webinars. The educational series will begin May 13, 2008 and continue through the year. Read more

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Sell Like a Pro Sell Like a Pro

Having a genuine love for people and being a good talker are excellent attributes to have when it comes to entering the sales profession. But that's just the start. Many folks share those attributes but fail miserably at selling. Read more

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Close 'Em: Often the Difference Between Getting a Job and Losing One is Closing Well

Often the difference between getting a job and losing one to a competitor who offers an inferior service is simply a matter of closing well. Read more

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