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Exit Planning: Creating a Methodical Plan for a Successful Sale Exit Planning: Creating a Methodical Plan for a Successful Sale

Planning for the sale of a remodeling company typically takes longer than most owners imagineóabout a year to plan and six or so years to execute. Here's what to keep in mind as you map your path. Read more

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Reader Panel: How Fast Should You Grow?

Most remodelers say they have been surprised by growth, and the group is split on whether growth is necessary to remain healthy and vital. Has your business growth ever been unmanageable? Why? What suffers most? Read more

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Hiring good sales staff

As Dave Brady pondered his company's need for a full-time salesperson besides himself, an ex-employee named Steve Gruszka walked in the door. When he closed his company and contacted his old employer, Brady immediately saw the potential for his first salesperson. Read more

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Paying to win sales Paying to win sales

A few spend all their work time selling, while many more combine selling with estimating, designing, and production management. Compensation schemes vary, too -- salary, commission, staged commissions, salary plus profit sharing, among others. Another pays an extra 4% on total job revenue. Read more

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