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Seeing Is Believing: Energy Efficiency Beyond ROI Seeing Is Believing: Energy Efficiency Beyond ROI

When it comes to energy retrofits, building science is key. But the business aspects are equally important. Read more

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Diversify With Caution Diversify With Caution

Tax incentives make home-performance contracting look attractive, but diversification is not necessarily a magic bullet for your business. Read more

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Detecting Air Leaks During a Blower-Door Test

To improve energy performance of its projects, Byggmeister Associates, in Newton, Mass., conducts a blower-door test to determine airtightness. Read more

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bonus by whimsy as a tool for motivating employees

When a cash bonus is off the table because the company isnít meeting its numbers, a “bonus by whimsy” can be a powerful tool for motivating and cheering field staff. Read more

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Remodelers balance luxury with responsibility Remodelers balance luxury with responsibility

Five years ago, an audience of luxury kitchen and bath designers nearly revolted when the keynote speaker at an industry event drew cautious aim. In a speech that touched on matters ranging from the poverty outside their windows to the environmental side effects of the construction boom to the imminent U.S. invasion of Iraq, he gently compared them to the first-class passengers on the Titanic drinking champagne while conveniently ignoring the people packed into steerage below and the risk of catastrophe ahead. Read more

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