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Marketing with features and benefits

The secret to writing successful marketing materials? Your potential clients want to know what's in it for them. Your sales copy must answer this question. Read more

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The quest for quality high-end subcontractors

High-end jobs mean costly materials and sophisticated designs, and finding and keeping “golden” subs is critical. The other end of the spectrum means job delays, warranty work, and strained customer relations. “A careless plumber can cause a lot of expensive destruction in very little time,” says Alex Dahlgren, partner at Acheron Construction in Garland, Texas. “One wrong turn of the wrench can ruin a $700 faucet.” Read more

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Direct-mail tools help remodelers hit their targets. Direct-mail tools help remodelers hit their targets.

If you want to hit the bull's-eye, you don't want to use a shotgun,” says Alex Dean, president of The Alexander Group, a Kensington, Md.ñbased remodeling firm and a 32-year veteran in the high-end remodeling business. “You want to use a rifle with a high-powered scope to do the job.” Read more

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