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Remembering Steve Maltzman Remembering Steve Maltzman

A short tribute celebrating the life of Steve Maltzman, partner in SMA Consulting and a champion of the remodeling industry, who passed away last weekend. Read more

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Stuck in Place Stuck in Place

A signed contract sits on a remodeling company ownerís desk. Several jobs come in at once and there arenít enough carpenters. Sales promises a client a start date that canít be met. Materials havenít arrived. Any of these events can create a bottleneck, restricting the workflow or decision-making process. Read more

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Employees or subcontractors Employees or subcontractors

In recent years, many remodelers have taken up the subcontractor mantle -- for trades in particular. But many feel just as strongly that having employees is the model to follow. There is, of course, no right or wrong way to run your business -- just considerations of the strengths and challenges of each. Read more

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Strong Show Strong Show

For four days in October, more than 10,000 remodelers headed to the 2006 Remodeling Show in Chicago, where they attended seminars and clinics, networked with peers, and checked out hundreds of companies displaying their products on the showroom floor. Read more

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Instant Respect

Getting certified is hard work. Is it worth it? Read more

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