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Decorative Siding Details Can Make Ho-Hum Into Wow!

Typically, Marrash starts by describing what Accurate Roofing & Siding can do for the clients' windows -- installation of lineal surrounds, mantels, corner blocks with rosettes, or the addition of dentil molding or keystones, for a start. Read more

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Spinning Vinyl Warranties Spinning Vinyl Warranties

Michael Houar, owner/president of Hawaiian Repair and Remodeling in Wailuku, Hawaii, offers customers a five-year labor and workmanship warranty on the vinyl siding jobs his company does. Examples he gives include siding that melted after exposure to the heat from a grill, siding shredded by weed wackers, siding that cracked and fell off when someone drove a car into the side of the garage, or siding pierced by the cable man ("our nemesis," says Schoengold), who didn't bother asking the homeowner where he wanted the cable run. Read more

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Finding the right size for your business Finding the right size for your business

Like many in the remodeling industry, I started as a one-man operation.Because we maintained separate operations on different islands in Hawaii, we were cross-allocating money and people. I was also flying between the islands four to six times a week, with barely any time to eat and sleep, and no free time to exercise or enjoy my family. Read more

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Siding Upsell: Move Customers Up a Rung Siding Upsell: Move Customers Up a Rung

Mike Bodkins, president of PAPI (Professionally Applied Products Inc.), an exterior remodeling company in Des Moines, La., estimates he upsells siding products 90% of the time. Then Bodkins took on a steel siding franchise, to round the company's product offering out with what he considers the "premium siding." On sales calls, Bodkins moves prospects to steel or upper-end vinyl by pointing out "why I would personally choose the upper-end product." Read more

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