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From Nondescript Ranch to Object of Beauty From Nondescript Ranch to Object of Beauty

Art-world connections help transform a nondescript ranch into an object of beauty. Read more

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Sales Lessons

Steven St. Onge returned from a year-long sailing sabbatical with his family to find that the sales department of his business was not on an even keel. Read more

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Hiring a Sales Manager Hiring a Sales Manager

Remodelers discover that casting off their sales manager hat can be a way to grow their business. Read more

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Consultative approach to sales

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” The way you answer that question might land you a new client ó or lose you one. Read more

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Remodeling designs as intellectual property

Architect Alan Freysinger was far from pleased when a design review board in Whitefish Bay, Wis., raved about his plans for an extensive home remodel in the wealthy Milwaukee suburb. That's because the homeowner ó Freysinger's ex-client ó was passing off Freysinger's work as his own. Read more

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