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It's All In the Flashing It's All In the Flashing

I've remodeled houses for more than 25 years and am still amazed at the amount of water damage caused by poor flashing details. Even the best products won't work if they're installed improperly.According to Paul Fisette, a building products scientist at the University of Massachusetts, housewrap and felt each have value in reducing air infiltration and water penetration (for more information, see "Housewrap vs. Felt," the Journal of Light Construction, November 1998, or go to www.jlconline.com). Read more

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Braced for Savings Braced for Savings

Here are three "space-and-brace" metal products that could save you on that time and materials. The first two have dual functions: They provide 24-inch spacing while setting trusses and, because of their low profile, you can sheath right over them. You'll still have to nail a strong back to the gable end to plumb and secure the first truss, but setting the remaining trusses should be easier and more accurate. Read more

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Working With Synthetic Wood

Recently a homeowner asked me to replace rotting entrance door kickboards with a material that looks like wood but won't soak up moisture. SynBoard is based in Texas, but your local lumberyard's sales rep should know how to get the product from the distributor. Bill Posey, owner of W.E. Posey in Shelburne, Vt., reports good results with AZEK Trimboards. Read more

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Working With a Net

Today's fall protection and staging systems create a safer workplace for the remodeler on the job. Here are a few systems that can help prevent catastrophic mishaps on your jobs. Read more

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Firm Foundation Firm Foundation

Remodelers aren't called upon to build as many foundations as new home builders, but it's still a skill at which they need to be proficient Read more

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