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Handle small jobs with up-front planning

While some use small jobs as a gateway to larger projects, many remodeling companies continue to focus solely on smaller jobs, and still others maintain separate small-job divisions to keep from turning over these jobs - and profits - to other remodelers or handymen. Read more

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Digital camera can preserve evidence

Rotten framing and other unexpected discoveries behind old walls can derail schedules, add to time-and-materials costs, and cause some homeowners to question your credibility. Short of X-ray vision, your best defense against these finds is a digital camera. Read more

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Navigating from carpenter to CEO Navigating from carpenter to CEO

What compels carpenters to go into business for themselves? A wide range of motivations, from the fulfillment of a lifelong goal, to the seemingly obvious route to better money and greater control of their time and craftsmanship. What keeps most of them from achieving anything near their vision of success? Often, themselves. The same qualities that help residential remodeling carpenters excel at their craft often get in the way of their business goals. Anecdotally, carpenter-CEOs are less likely than their non-craftsperson peers to charge enough money, to focus sufficiently on their business systems, or to reach out for the help they'll inevitably need. Read more

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The Association Junkie The Association Junkie

Through his efforts at teaching and writing and updating course materials, this year's Lifetime Achievement Award winner, MM “Mike” Weiss has helped raise the level of professionalism in the remodeling industry. Read more

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Money Loss Due to Miscalculating Costs

Too many remodelers are miscalculating their prices and losing serious money because of it. Read more

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