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Wind: Residential Wind Power Builds Speed Wind: Residential Wind Power Builds Speed

The payback on residential windpower is shorter than ever, but a variety of issues -- permitting, net-metering, awareness, basic land and wind needs -- limit the turbines' mainstream appeal. Read more

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Energy-Efficient Changes Rank High on Value List Energy-Efficient Changes Rank High on Value List

Realtors and remodelers across the nation are seeing new attention being paid to energy efficiency. Read more

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Remodelers balance luxury with responsibility Remodelers balance luxury with responsibility

Five years ago, an audience of luxury kitchen and bath designers nearly revolted when the keynote speaker at an industry event drew cautious aim. In a speech that touched on matters ranging from the poverty outside their windows to the environmental side effects of the construction boom to the imminent U.S. invasion of Iraq, he gently compared them to the first-class passengers on the Titanic drinking champagne while conveniently ignoring the people packed into steerage below and the risk of catastrophe ahead. Read more

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Entrepreneurial Excellence

It's easy to use the words “leadership” and “success” without thinking too much about them. When we speak or hear these words, we have a clear sense of what they mean. And, like the concept of “quality,” given examples of specific people or organizations, we can usually identify those who fit these terms and those who don't. Read more

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Cathedral Builder Web Extra: John Abrams, In His Own Words

Experience meets inspiration in the form of John Abrams, of South Mountain Company - a $7.5 million design/build firm in Martha's Vineyard, Mass. - and winner of the inaugural Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The qualities that won him that accolade are well on display in his body of work. Read more

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