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Trick Question: Which Matters More, Sales or Marketing?

Companies big and small have struggled to define the difference between sales and marketing. REMODELING columnist Jeff Kida says you need to create a marriage of sorts where each half is equal, complements the other, and is invested in the other�s success. Read more

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Maybe It's Time for More Regulation and Disclosure Requirements

Branding schemes disguise poor quality products. Wouldn't product origin disclosure be better for consumers -- and for professional remodelers? Read more

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Rethinking the Kitchen Work Triangle Rethinking the Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchen designer Jeff Kida talks about the kitchen zone concept. Read more

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Third-Party Interference: Create Policies To Keep Clients From Changing Their Minds Mid-Project

Kitchen designer Jeff Kida suggests ways to keep clients on track with their project choices to help avoid cost overruns. Read more

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Keep up With Cabinet Technology to Distinguish Your Business Keep up With Cabinet Technology to Distinguish Your Business

Product and material improvements enhance projects -- and, more importantly, your clients' lives. The more you know about new products, the easier it will be to sell your services. Read more

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