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Building a Sales Team

Andrew Shore did all the selling for his company, Sea Pointe Construction, for the first decade or so that it was open for business. That changed, the Irvine, Calif., remodeler says, when “I realized that the size of the company was dependent on me doing sales forever ó and that there's a finite amount of sales that any one person can do.” Read more

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Energy efficiency gains ground

Energy-efficient remodeling is definitely where the market is headed. Read more

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Rising Construction Costs; Thrifty Consumers. How Is This Affecting Your Business?

Some of the Big50 discuss how rising costs are affecting their customers and their business. Read more

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HIRI Consumer Sentiment Tracking Study HIRI Consumer Sentiment Tracking Study

The “Consumer Sentiment Tracking Study,” published quarterly by the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), surveys homeowners on a variety of remodeling-related topics. Read more

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Local Forecast: Riding the Waves of Change

When the housing industry began its slowdown, David Leff says that his remodeling business started attracting an “unexpected” client: “Homeowners who had planned to sell their [current] homes and purchase a home in which to live out the rest of their lives.” But, says the owner of Leff Construction, in Sebastopol, Calif., when the market tanked, “they were unable to sell and instead decided to stay and remodel.” Read more

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