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The Plot Thickens The Plot Thickens

No one knows solid surfacing more intimately than fabricators ó they're the ones who form it into gorgeous and durable countertops and other surfaces that delight homeowners. So it's no surprise that two fabricators have come up with a new way to do solid surface. Read more

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Specialty work trucks go beyond just transport Specialty work trucks go beyond just transport

The latest specialty work trucks go beyond just transport and tool-box. With hefty payload capacity and plenty of towing power these trucks also feature four-wheel drive, super-cargo capacity, extended cabs, and GPS navigation ó not to mention interior comfort. Read more

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Heavy Hitters

These little gadgets carry big burdens. Read more

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Added Detail Added Detail

These products provide attractive finishing touches. Read more

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New Products Pavilion Winners New Products Pavilion Winners

The second annual New Products Pavilion was a big hit at the 2005 Remodeling Show in Baltimore. A batch of new and innovative products ó 37 in all ó had a showcase all to itself on the show floor, where attendees could browse and vote on their favorites. Read more

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