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Out-Swinging Door Makes Small Powder Room Bigger Out-Swinging Door Makes Small Powder Room Bigger

Architect Doug Walter, contractor Tom Owens, and interior designer Kristi Dinner teamed up to modernize this tiny powder room. The key to gaining more space was replacing the in-swing door with an out-swing unit. Read more

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Taking a Powder Taking a Powder

Remodelers find ways to use every inch of usable space in small powder rooms. Read more

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Relationship by Design Relationship by Design

The excerpts above are part of a June 2007 discussion on kitchen designer Peggy Deras' blog, http://kitchen-exchange.blogspot.com/. Although the bloggers are kitchen designers and architects, the same discussion could just as well have occurred between remodelers and architects. Read more

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Merit Award: Old-House Renovation: Mile-High Mediterranean

Every lovely old neighborhood has an eyesore, and this 1926 Denver home had been sufficiently neglected and insensitively expanded to fit the bill. Read more

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Designing house additions

When Doug Walter says, “I channel dead architects to try to figure out their original intent,” it gives the listener a clear picture of how the former restoration architect might approach the design of an addition. On the other hand, architect Mark McInturff says his additions fit “by contrast rather than by a literal copying or cloning.” As different as these approaches may be, both architects must satisfy the needs of clients and be sensitive to neighboring structures. Read more

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