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On Time, Guaranteed

Remodeler and client working together to make the completion date means fewer delays. Read more

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Picking up incomplete remodel projects Picking up incomplete remodel projects

Picking up the pieces ó literally and figuratively ó after another remodeler has left a project or been fired is one of the toughest jobs out there. Read more

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Politically Connect Politically Connect

Politics isn't just for politicians. Jake Schloegel, president of Schloegel Design Remodel in Kansas City, Mo., learned that lesson a few years ago as he battled for repeal of a sales tax that was having an impact on the remodeling industry. Kansas City, plus its counties and municipalities, had enacted a clutter of sales taxes that remodelers had to be aware of, report, and submit. Read more

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How remodelers talk about money

Like a lot of other remodelers, Strong Construction in Fremont, Calif., can't afford to waste time with clients who want to push $50,000 where $100,000 should go, or who get fixated on some magic number for a project's cost. But co-owners Steve and Sandy Strong also can't afford to turn away good business, so they bring up the big, bad B word ó budget ó as part of the typical first phone conversation. Read more

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Using Union Workers is Beneficial Using Union Workers is Beneficial

Simply doing the right thing for employees is the reason remodelers like Neil Kelly Co., in Portland, Ore., and Roeser Construction, in Kirkwood, Mo., have been using union labor from the get-go, but the companies benefit, too. Read more

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