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Architect design experience Architect design experience

An architect's job is a cross between a counselor and a tailor. To put us in the right frame of mind ó to design for clients instead of ourselves ó we need to get inside our clients' heads. We have to understand not only who they are, but how they live in their home and why things work or don't work for them. Then we need to help them “try on” new ideas. Read more

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Everyday Green

If you think "green" is just a passing fancy or you're intimidated by the idea, think about the changes you have already made. You may be greener than you think. Read more

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Managing The Budget

One of the greatest frustrations a homeowner can face is the realization that your fabulous design will cost more to build than expected. Upscale clients are no different. Read more

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Is Architecture/Build the Firm of the Future? Is Architecture/Build the Firm of the Future?

Architects and builders have been jockeying for control (and respect) ever since Thomas Jefferson called his architect a stubborn jackass ó and then promptly punched himself in the nose. Read more

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