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What Daily Information Do Replacement Contractors Need To Ensure Their Business Is Thriving?

For replacement contractors, business is all about sales and marketing and ensuring there are enough leads in the pipeline. We take a look at the numbers these companies track daily to maintain their business. Read more

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Three Paths to Sales

Craftspeople by nature and salespeople by necessity, many remodelers believe that their company's good work will speak for itself, convincing smart prospects to work with them. Read more

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Selling is about building relationships Selling is about building relationships

Selling is one of the least understood practices of communication. Many people are deluded or simply misunderstand the selling process, frequently assessing it as manipulation, chicanery, or worse. After years of researching sales in the remodeling industry, and after having examined hundreds of salespeople and surveyed thousands of buyers, I offer this interpretation: Whenever an interaction between two or more parties takes place for the purpose of establishing new ideas, exchanging goods or services, or developing a relationship, some form of selling will occur, and the skills of the communicator will determine the outcome. Read more

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See You at the Show

In January, we changed the name of the Remodelers' Show to the Remodeling Show, partly because we wanted to emphasize that the Show is an extension of the magazine. At the same time, the name change signals that as the Remodeling Show continues to grow, it encompasses more and more of the diverse elements that make up today's remodeling industry. Read more

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