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Using BuilderHelper.com, a Web-based construction management tool

Before he began using BuilderHelper.com, a Web-based construction management tool, Cory Hogan admits that his company's scheduling process was “a mess.” Read more

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Myriad growth options face your business

Anyone who has ever paid attention to the growth of a child knows they go through growth spurts. The process can be uneven: They sometimes grow up before they fill out or vice versa; they're alternately awkward or sturdy. It's similar for a business. The idea of upward and outward growth is one way to frame a discussion about growth strategies for your company, says Mark Richardson, vice president of Case Remodeling and a REMODELING columnist, who considers a company's growth as vertical or horizontal. Read more

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Group Think

I used to think of “synergy” as one of those trendy words overused by motivational speakers and athletes. Lately, however, I'm discovering how synergy ó multiple parts working in combination ó can be profitable for a remodeling organization. Read more

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Instant Respect

Getting certified is hard work. Is it worth it? Read more

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Deconstructing Generation X

Gen Xers are entering their peak earning years with a sufficiently different set of experiences and expectations that could rewrite the rules of remodeling relationships. Time to log on, open up, and take the time to explain things. Read more

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