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Recylcing construction waste

Cardea Construction recycles 80% of construction waste from its remodeling projects. Read more

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HVAC Upgrade HVAC Upgrade

When a client wanted to “go green” remodeling a small bathroom in a 1920s house, AJ Stones of AJ Stones Design Contracting, Pittsburgh, showed how overhauling the heating system could increase comfort in every room and pay off in significant energy savings over the long term. Read more

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Remodel of a 1880s Pittsburgh home Remodel of a 1880s Pittsburgh home

When purchasing this sprawling yet compartmentalized older home, both husband and wife knew that they were in for a challenge. The home, built in the 1880s near Pittsburgh, had seen multiple wings added over the years but no upgrades in decades. The living space was 9,000 square feet, but the house had small rooms and narrow hallways once used by servants. Read more

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