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Erosion Fines Get Serious

In 1992, the EPA instituted an erosion regulation -- under the authority of the Clean Water Act -- that holds developers, site owners, and contractors on construction sites larger than one acre responsible for the development and implementation of an erosion control plan for that site. The paper quotes Donette Dunaway, a water board staff member, as saying, "Through this enforcement case, we're trying to get the message across that sediment and erosion to our creeks won't be tolerated." Read more

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Growing Up Smart Growing Up Smart

In 1990, Don Strong started Brothers Strong, a house painting company, with his son Michael, in Houston. For Dennis Gehman of the $2.5 million design/build firm Gehman Custom Builder in Harleysville, Pa., the ideal annual growth rate is 20%. Read more

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Remodeling Consumers Are Online

By Christopher Walker. A study by New York market research firm Scarborough Research this year found that individuals who use the Internet extensively to research and to shop are 19% more likely than the norm to begin a home improvement project. Read more

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NAHB a Big Spender on Capitol Hill

By Christopher Walker. that figure to attendees at the NAHB Spring board meeting in June. The Center for Responsive Politics, citing Federal Election Commission data released on June 3, reports that 63% of the NAHB's contributions went to Republicans and 37% went to Democrats. Read more

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Whirlpool Owners Sue Over "Schmutz"

Whirlpool tub manufacturers Jacuzzi, Kohler, and Lasco are the defendants in a class-action lawsuit that charges their tubs persistently spew residue from their jets, denying the tub owners the bathing experience they paid for. The suit, filed by Waco, Texas, attorney John Malesovas, claims the design of the tubs allows used bath water to sit in the jet tubes after the rest of the water has been drained. Read more

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