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8 Products to Deck Out Your Exterior Projects 8 Products to Deck Out Your Exterior Projects

A slew of new decking and railing products mean there's no shortage of options to create the ultimate outdoor living space. Read more

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Long-span glazing systems find favor Long-span glazing systems find favor

When Jeld-Wen sales manager Brent Adair retrofitted his San Diego home with one of his company's long-span folding door systems last year, he expected it to be an oddball job. The product, which the company introduced a year ago, wasn't conceived with existing homes in mind. But that hasn't stopped remodelers from using it. “When we initially came out with this system I thought it would be used only in new construction,” Adair recalls. “As it turns out, half of our jobs have ended up being retrofits.” Read more

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A good consultant can be a life raft

Most remodelers are not skilled in every aspect of the business world ó and they don't need to be. Part of learning how to thrive and grow in a competitive market means seeking outside help, and there are consultants who can help you become more effective in just about every business area. Many times, these consultants can help identify solutions to problems you didn't even know you had. Read more

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Build strong, enduring relationships with past and prospective clients

It's a no-brainer that people want to hire people who they like and trust. And because much of remodelers' work comes from referrals and reputation, the most successful upscale companies not only do top-quality work but also build strong, enduring relationships with past and prospective clients. Read more

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Find a growth engine in open book management

Open book management, or OBM, is a management style that gives employees access to all the company's financial numbers. When coupled with profit-based bonuses, it's supposed to make everyone more invested in the company's success. Read more

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