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When Do Cost-Plus Deals Make Sense?When Do Cost-Plus Deals Make Sense?

For a Pennsylvania remodeler, it's when time is tight or being a loss-leader is your approach Read more

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Low-VOC? Trust but Verify

A national standard on VOC content is emerging, but you should still read the label.

Despite putting great effort into reducing the amount of volatile organic compoundsóVOCsóin their products, adhesive and coating manufacturers are still facing an emerging national standard on VOC content that could hold them to the strictest of standards. Read more

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Organize Jobsite for Payoff in Efficiency and Profit

By cutting down on time spent setting up and breaking down a jobsite, you can save money and increase productivity

Contractors and remodelers can be pretty lax when it comes to keeping an efficient jobsite. What many don't realize is that all those trips to the truck for tools and all the time spent setting up and breaking down can have a big impact on their financials. Read more

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Preconstruction Meeting a Key Element to a Successful Remodeling Job

Successful remodelers consider well-planned preconstruction meetings with their clients a must. "It would be a mortal sin not to do a preconstruction meeting," says Bill Baldwin of Claremont, Calif.-based HartmanBaldwin design/build. So why do some smaller companies ignore this step? Read more

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Price Is King: Remodelers Working Harder, Taking Longer to Make the SalePrice Is King: Remodelers Working Harder, Taking Longer to Make the Sale

Winning the price war means working harder to find the right client and taking longer to make the sale

Though overall construction costs haven't really decreased, consumers think remodeling is on sale, making for smaller margins and stiff competition. Read more

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