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Second Look: An Update on Big50 Remodelers Candi and Troy Hilton Second Look: An Update on Big50 Remodelers Candi and Troy Hilton

A few years ago, Candi and Troy Hilton moved from Kansas to Florida. They're now opening a new remodeling company, New Leaf Construction, in Naples, Fla. Read more

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Protecting clients with discontinued-operation insurance

When Candi and Troy Hilton closed their remodeling company to move to another state, they wanted to make sure clients from their eight years in business were protected. Candi talked to their insurance agent and found out about discontinued-operation insurance. Read more

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Second Look: Candi and Troy Hilton Second Look: Candi and Troy Hilton

This past spring, Stilwell, Kan., remodelers Candi and Troy Hilton (Big50 2003) started planning for the future. Avid sailers and more comfortable in warmer climes, they decided that in 15 years they'd shut down their business and retire. By the end of the summer, they were living in Florida. Fourteen years early. Read more

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The Rain-Makers The Rain-Makers

While the five remodelers whose marketing campaigns are featured may not have national renown, they've earned recognition from a more important audience: prospective customers.He's found it takes homeowners five to seven years to sign up for another project. And so he stays in the back of their minds via direct mail and distinctive black-and-yellow trucks. Read more

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Defining and analyzing backlog

Being booked a year out is a good thing -- or is it? Read more

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