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Remodelers Share Tips On How To Survive the Slow Market Remodelers Share Tips On How To Survive the Slow Market

While it's true that remodeling is in better shape than the new-home market and that the slowdown has hit some areas and some companies harder than others, there's no denying that these are difficult times. Companies of all sizes and business models doing all types of work are affected. Remodelers offer tips for weathering the downturn. Read more

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How to Handle a Slow Market

A few remodelers discuss taking clients in a slow season. Read more

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Profile of Alon Toker Profile of Alon Toker

Early in his career, Alon Toker of Mega Builders in Chatsworth, Calif., equated volume with success. He spent most of his time increasing the number of leads and training sales staff to close on sales. By the mid-1990s, the remodeler had 124 employees (including 18 salespeople), a phone room with 24 stations, a 3,600 square-foot building, and more than $8 million in revenue. Read more

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Cottage remodeling down to the details Cottage remodeling down to the details

Remodeler Alon Toker's system was a perfect fit for clients Mike and Alice Sloan. Mike Sloan is an accountant who was more interested than most clients in the down-to-the penny cost of each item installed in their small cottage remodel. “It's tough to spend money,” Mike says. “You want a contractor who understands business.” Read more

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Uncovering potential sales prima donnas

Alon Toker of Mega Builders Construction and Remodeling has been there. Toker suggests asking the following questions to uncover a potential prima donna. Read more

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