Stretch Truck Co.
Your crews work hard. Shouldn't they travel in style — and comfort? Stretch Trucks take 4-door crew cab trucks and add a fifth or sixth door, and capacity for up to nine passengers. SUVs can also be modified. The trucks remain fully functioning.

A patent-pending Diamond Seal Technology valve is designed to offer consistently smooth operation over the life of the faucet. The integrated ceramic valve cartridge features a diamond-embedded disk that constantly polishes a ceramic disc as they move against each other. The action prevents calcium and mineral deposit buildup. The Diamond valve is designed to last more than 5 million cycles — 10 times longer than the industry standard, the maker says.

Vertechs Elevators.
As baby boomers plan to age in place in bigger homes, residential elevators are gaining popularity. The Vue home elevator offers practicality and functionality in a design that's both safe and elegant. A two-speed hydraulic power system switches from high speed to leveling speed for a smooth final stop. Fully compliant with American and Canadian elevator codes, the Vue can be installed in a standard wood frame/drywall or block wall shaft and runs on regular household power.

Stanley Tools.
Two new FatMax Xtreme Fubar demolition tools are available. The Fubar II is more compact than the original, weighing just 2.5 pounds and measuring 15 inches. The Fubar III is the big brother of the group coming in at 8 pounds and 30 inches. All three models feature two-tiered gripping jaws, a breaker edge, a tempered striking face, a tapered nail puller, and a beveled nail slot.
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