The Remodeling Business Benchmarks Report looks at average expenses required to run a typical remodeling company. Averages are compiled from data remodelers from all over the country provide in our questionnaire, which asks about expenses for both job costs -- materials, labor, and subcontractors – as well as overhead. Here’s a the 2007 Report.

Three Reasons to Complete the Survey

It’s great to win tools – and everyone who completes the survey will earn a chance to win a 3-Tool & Compressor Combo Pack from Bostitch -- (Read the Official Rules.) . But there are other good reasons to answer the questionnaire.

1. The remodeling business has very few sources for this kind of financial information. Because there are no standards, everybody does it their own way, and nobody knows how their performance measures up.

2. Financial standards help protect you legally. Editors at Remodeling often hear from remodelers who are being asked by their customers -- or their customers' attorneys -- to justify their costs and their markup. Without industry standards, it's harder to make a case.

3. Answering these questions is a gut check for your own company. Every year we hear from someone who discovered an error or other discrepancy that they never would have found if they hadn't completed this questionnaire.

The survey is not hard to fill out, but you will need to have your accounting information close at hand. If you can't complete the survey in a single sitting, you can save your work and finish it later. Deadline for entries is October 9, 2009.

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