Behr. No. 300 WaterProofing Wood Protector is formulated with an alkyd/acrylic technology that combines the penetration and protection of an oil-based product with the fast drying time and easy clean up of water-based products, says the firm. The low-odor waterproofer protects for up to two years, depending on application. It comes in a natural clear finish in 1- and 5-gallon sizes. (714) 545-7101.

Glidden. The Language of Color color-grouping system is based around color psychology and groups more than 600 of the company's main colors into four mood-inspired collections -- Calm, Fresh, Vibrant, and Warm. The paints in each group share similar characteristics and are designed to work together to inspire certain emotional responses, according to the firm. (800) 454-3336.

Sto. Designed to finish taped and bedded wallboard surfaces, the DecorTex acrylic coating system can be color coated and dry in less than one hour. The durable finish, which dries to an eggshell luster, is available in a range of styles or can be custom color matched. The finish is spray-applied. (800) 221-2397.

Benjamin Moore. The Serenity Collection includes 48 colors designed to enhance tranquility inside the home. All the colors in the collection coordinate with each other. The company also offers a color combination tool with eight color schemes, including Tranquil Whites, Vintage Comforts, and Soothing Neutrals. (800) 344-0400.

Thompson's. Water Seal Advanced Maximum Strength One-Coat waterproofer is a one-coat formula

Courtesy Thompson's

that can be applied on damp, freshly cleaned surfaces, allowing the user to clean and protect a deck in the same day. Clear and natural formulations provide two years of protection; tinted formulas offer three years of protection. (800) 367-6297.

Courtesy Devine Color

Devine Color. Developed by artist Gretchen Schauffler, the Valley Vineyard and Spices acrylic latex paint line features rich, earthy colors inspired by the American Northwest. The palette features 12 vibrant colors, including Merlot, Sangria, and Cayenne. (503) 675-9519. Sherwin-Williams. Among the company's new contractor sales tools is a redesigned fan deck that is larger, fits ergonomically into the hand, and is organized by saturation level. The company has added a range of new colors to its palette, including a selection of rich, vibrant colors, a variety of neutrals, and Exterior Accents bases that help resist fading. (800) 474-3794.

Courtesy Andek

Andek. Polaseal EFM siloxane-based sealer penetrates the pore structure of wood in one coat to repel rain, moisture, pollutants, salt, and fungi. The formulation also acts as a fire retardant. (888) 462-6335.

Courtesy Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy. The Twist and Pour all-plastic paint container features an easy-pour spout and exterior molded handle that allow for easier, controlled pouring. The twist-off lid eliminates the need to open with a screwdriver and provides a tight seal to extend shelf life. The cans are durable, lightweight, and stackable. (800) 828-5669. Cabot. Designed for professional users, Pro.V.T. 100% acrylic solid color stain is heavily pigmented and thick to deliver greater opacity than traditional color stains, the maker says. The formulation will cover previously painted and stained surfaces in one coat without primer. (800) 877-8246.

Courtesy California Paints

California Paints. This 2010 100% acrylic latex interior paint collection offers one-coat hiding, including covering black paint with white in one coat, the maker says. The paint's scrubbability allows for stain removal on all three sheens: flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. Titanium white and five bases are available. (800) 225-1141.

Courtesy Minwax

Minwax. Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane floor finish dries 25% faster, allowing contractors to complete top-coating jobs in one day, the maker says. Formulated for interior hardwood floors, this oil-based finish comes in clear satin, clear semi-gloss, and clear gloss. (201) 818-7500.