Of the 530,200 companies that are classified as remodeling or home improvement businesses by the Census Bureau, somewhat more than 12,000 are members of franchise organizations. Franchises provide business owners with instant branding plus marketing, sales, and production systems as well as an asset they can sell when they seek to leave the business. That’s why — even though franchises such as The Grout Doctor, Case Handyman, or Fresh Coat painters amount to a fraction of all the home improvement companies that exist — they play an increasingly important role in the remodeling industry.

Offering everything from building inspection to handyman services and specialty trades such as painting, plumbing, and electrical, their numbers have multiplied in the last 10 years as home improvement franchising has grown increasingly specialized, offering a niche rather than full-service remodeling.

Credit for that growth also goes to the Internet, which makes it far easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to research and connect with franchise organizations that might meet their needs.