One thing that has become Mike DuKate’s mantra during his 24 years in the remodeling business is “Eat your frogs!”

What Mike, the owner of the company I work for means by this is, “Get the unpleasant out of the way first.”

This has translated into concrete terms for us at DuKate Remodeling. We need to make sure we eat those frogs, one bite at a time every day -- make that unpleasant call first, deal with that vendor, review that report that is mind-boggling -- get it out of the way and get going on business!

Anything we dread doing will pull at us all day until we flat out, to borrow a phrase from Nike, ‘Just Do It’! The following are some of the froggie appetizers we systematically eat:

Execute the Schedule

  • reviewed the schedule this a.m.

  • notified the trade partners as soon as we were aware

Provide Communication

  • gave updates to our clients

  • conducted a weekly meeting prior to the weekend

Ensure Cleanliness

  • removed debris and swept

  • arranged tools and materials in an orderly fashion

Protect Budget

  • review the budget to actual at least 1x a week

  • processed addendums

  • minimized trips

Enhance Skills and Self

  • questioned trades

  • kept abreast of facts

  • reviewed an article and/or a chapter this week of trade related materials

Ribet, Ribet. --Kathy Shertzer is office manager at DuKate Remodeling in Franklin, Ind.